About Chill Mamas

Hey, what's up?

This is the place where I talk about and compile (hopefully) helpful information about some of the things I think are important.

My goal with this site is to attempt to create an inclusive and informative space to assist with the challenges of modern parenting from a realistic perspective. I’m one person but I would love to add other writer’s perspectives to this site eventually to make it more balanced.

  • Many parents and caregivers are chronically burnt out, feeling disconnected, and wondering how they can do more to help others, enjoy their life, and spend time with loved ones within the time and financial constraints they find themselves in.
  • Many parents have to juggle multiple jobs or figure out how to start a home-based business as a freelancer or creator in order to sufficiently provide for our families. This is such a huge shift in our society and it’s a difficult reality to navigate because of work from home scams and MLMs running rampant, taking advantage of people and targeting parents who need extra income.
  • A lot of us are worried about the state of our planet and the creeping progression of climate change.
  • Self-sufficiency is important to many parents, not only in a “prepping” and survival sense, but also in a day-to-day sense of financial independence. All of that being said, hyper-independant thinking often divides us and I think we should consider that while talking about “self-sufficiency.”

The world is kinda crazy right now

Don’t let people tell you that you’re crazy for noticing.

We do need to take action for the planet’s sake and for ours. We definitely do need to be aware of how self-sufficient our families are and work toward improving that situation.

Earth view from space
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Some cool stuff to check out

Ecosia is a free way to give back to the Earth while browsing the web. They plant trees using their revenue and they’re very transparent with where their money goes.

This is not an affiliate link and I use Ecosia for 90% of my online searches to help support! Highly recommend, especially if you do a lot of online searches daily for work or life.

Intersectional Environmentalist is one of my absolute favorite nonprofits to get information about climate change from as well as donate to. The founder, Leah Thomas, has a book coming out soon that’s focused on how to guide would-be climate activists on how to enact real change.

Here’s a quote from their website: “IE 501(c)(3) is a climate justice collective radically imagining a more equitable + diverse future of environmentalism.”

Shelby posts informative videos about sustainability tips for consumers and does deep dives on topics like “How to tell if a brand is greenwashing” (so important!) and eco-minimalism.

She definitely supports the idea that corporations are responsible for a majority of climate change issues but she discusses how you and I can still make a difference and I think her content is genuinely helpful as she focuses a lot on consumer awareness and the little things we can do to add up and make a difference.

A bit about me specifically

Just in case you’re looking for more info on the blogger behind this site, here it is. I’m Sianna. I’m a mom of three little kids, and a 28 year-old person who loves ginger tea, emo bands from the 2000’s, reading, and learning

I have professional experience as a content writer and a web designer. I’m currently working on my photography skills and gardening skills. Also trying to spend more intentional time with my children, so I’ve been reading up on mom blogs and activities for pre-K age kids.

A few years ago I was working from home, freelancing as a web designer and I experienced the reality of working from home with kids. It wasn’t what I expected. I wanted to talk about how to make that experience work a little better.

I also witnessed quite a few acquaintances get sucked into get rich quick scams or MLMs and it made me sad that they were likely targeted because of their financial situation. That’s why there is a whole category of work from home tips on this site along with the parenting and sustainability content.