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Getting more sleep during pregnancy is super important, but it’s really difficult. Starting in the second trimester, you probably started finding it hard to get to sleep at all! This is my second time going through this same struggle, so I compiled this quick list of tips for anyone else dealing with pregnancy-related sleep deprivation. Hope you find something that helps!

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1.) If you’re having acid reflux issues, arrange your pillows so that you’re partially upright while asleep

I had pretty bad acid reflux in the third trimester with my first baby. Now, with twins, it feels like it’s twenty times worse. If this is you as well, try propping yourself up with a bunch of pillows and sleeping in an upright position. I’m not saying that you need to be sitting up straight, just try sleeping in a slightly reclined position and see if that helps your reflux issues. I slept a lot better once I got used to this!

2.) Light a candle or use scent that calms you

Do you have a favorite candle or lotion that just helps you feel calmer? I have a couple of them. If you don’t, consider finding a scent that you like to start using at night. You’ll begin associating it with nighttime/sleep/calm and it can actually help you get to sleep faster.

3.) Read or do something relaxing before bedtime to reduce stress

This doesn’t work for everyone, but studies show that reading right before bed can reduce your stress levels by more than half. Taking your mind off of the real world for a little bit and getting lost in a book can be powerful! If you’re not feeling a book, try some light stretching, a bath, or doing something else to help yourself wind down.

Idea: Combine this method with other stress-reduction tips on this list to catch even more Zzz’s!

4.) Lay out clothes for the next day (relieves a small amount of anxiety)

As silly as it sounds, taking just one thing off of your plate for the next day will help put your mind at ease.  Are there any other small, simple tasks that you can take care of before bed just so you feel more prepared for the next day?

5.) Drink lots of water throughout the day but limit your water intake after about 5PM

Water intake during pregnancy is obvs super important. My doctor says I need to be trying to drink a gallon a day! Drink lots of water, but stop after dinnertime so that you can avoid excessive bathroom trips while you’re trying to get to sleep.

6.) Make your bed super cozy + get a pregnancy pillow

Forget the word “bed” entirely. Create a nest for yourself. Go ham on the pillows, wash everything once a week to keep it fresh, and keep your coziest blankets on your bed.

You’ve probably heard of a pregnancy pillow. They look crazy but get one before you think you need it because these things are seriously lifesavers. I started using mine around five months pregnant and it saved me from so many sleepless nights – I’m not the best side-sleeper but this made it comfortable.

7.) Keep daytime naps short and have them earlier in the day

It’s definitely not a bad idea to get a nap or two in during the day, if you’re lucky enough to have the time to do so. Just make sure to keep them shot (15-30 minutes) and try not to nap after 3-4PM so you don’t throw your sleep schedule out of whack.

8.) Create a regular, pregnancy-safe exercise routine and follow it

Any amount of exercise will help you with restlessness and sleeping better at night while pregnant. This can just mean taking a couple of short walks during the day. It doesn’t have to be intense!

Some pregnant moms like to follow a more serious exercise routine and it works out really well for them! Whatever floats your boat! Even getting outside for a few minutes a day and walking around will help you.

9.) Reduce the temperature a couple of degrees before bed

Try turning the temperature down two or three degrees before bed. It’s been shown that the best temperature for sleep is between 60-67F. For homes with babies and toddlers, 65-70 degrees is recommended.

10.) Write out a list of to-dos for the next day or update your weekly/monthly planner

Here’s another stress-related sleep tip that’s perfect for pregnant moms. Pregnant people usually love to plan stuff – it helps them feel more in control of things when, really, the baby runs the whole show. You’ve got a lot going on, so taking five minutes to plan out the game plan for tomorrow will put your mind at ease and help you sleep better while pregnant.

11.) Keep anything you might need on your nightstand

If there are things you find yourself running out to the kitchen or living room to grab overnight, just keep them in your nightstand for now. Things like Tums, medications, water, etc.

12.) If you really can’t fall asleep, just get out and do something else for a while

Mind racing and just can’t get to sleep? It might be better to get up and try doing something else for 30 minutes instead of staring at the ceiling. When nothing is working and you just can’t sleep, go to a different room to avoid associating your bedroom with bad sleep experiences.

Sit in the living room and listen to some relaxing music or watch a rerun of your favorite show. After about 30 minutes, try going back to the bedroom. Sometimes this really works!



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