Why Grow Nasturtiums? 5 Uses for Nasturtiums in Your Home and Garden

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Why grow nasturtiums? Great question! Adding nasturtiums to your garden is a pretty simple way to improve it. Nasturtiums are easy to grow, they’re fully edible (flowers, stems, leaves, and all) and have many different uses.

They can be eaten fresh or used in salads, soups, and sauces. They also have lots of benefits to bring to your garden while they are growing among your other plants.

Here are a few good reasons why you should grow nasturtiums in your garden:

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Nasturtiums are easy to grow and don’t need a lot of care.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant that still packs a punch, nasturtiums are a great choice. These hardy annuals are easy to grow and don’t need a lot of care. Plus, they add a pop of color to any garden or landscaping.

Here’s a few more things that make them easy to grow compared to other plants:

  • They’re drought tolerant. Once they’re established, nasturtiums can survive periods of drought with little water. 
  • They’re somewhat pest resistant. Nasturtiums don’t attract many pests, and their strong smell can actually repel some common garden pests like cucumber beetles, squash bugs, and cabbage loopers. They do attract aphids, so you can use them as a trap crop around crops that also bring aphids in.
  • They don’t need a ton of space to grow beautifully. you can easily grow nasturtiums in container or patio gardens and you can pop them into empty spaces in your garden without worrying that they’ll be competing with other plants too much.

2. Nasturtiums have many different uses, both in the kitchen and in the garden.

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Nasturtiums are not just beautiful flowering plants – they also have a range of practical uses, both in the kitchen and in the garden. In the kitchen, nasturtium leaves can be used in salads or as a garnish, while the flowers can be added to dishes for a splash of color.

The leaves can be utilized in place of a tortilla for a wrap or spring roll-inspired dish. Nasturtium microgreens are a thing, too.

The opportunities to use nasturtiums in cooking are more than you think! Check out this list of 60+ recipe ideas that include nasturtiums. Actually iconic.

3. They add color and life to any garden and there are many varieties of nasturtiums to choose from

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Tropaeolum, commonly known as nasturtium. The nasturtiums received their common name because they produce an oil similar to that of watercress (Nasturtium officinale).

Nasturtiums are one of the best flowers to grow in any garden, in my opinion. They are so interesting looking!

Not only do they add color and life, but there are also many varieties to choose from. Trailing nasturtiums are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any garden, while bushing nasturtiums are great for filling in empty spaces.

Regardless of which type you choose, nasturtiums are sure to brighten up your garden. You can get reds, oranges, yellows, whites, or a mix of colors when you’re buying nasturtium seeds. You can also get varieties of nasturtium that have variegated leaves for a unique visual effect.

4. Nasturtiums attract beneficial insects to your garden.

Nasturtium being used as a groundcoverPin
Nasturtium flowers of red and yellow colors.

These flowering plants produce a wide range of vibrant colors, making them a welcome addition to any garden.

In addition, nasturtiums are a favored food source for many beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and lacewings. These predators help to control pests, such as aphids and whiteflies, which can damage other plants in the garden.

As a result, nasturtiums can play an important role in protecting your other plants from pests. Read this article to learn how to use nasturtiums as a trap crop if you’re interested in using them to get aphids off your surrounding plants.

Nasturtiums are great for pollinators, of course, so adding some in for the bees is a great idea.

5. They are a great plant for kids to grow since they are so easy to take care of.

Nasturtiums growing up a homemade trellis made with sticksPin
A vertical closeup of beautiful climbing nasturtiums, outdoors in a garden

Nasturtiums are a great plant for kids to grow because they are so easy to take care of and have many different uses. They’re very easy to take care of and are very tolerant of different growing conditions. Nasturtiums also have a very long blooming season, so kids can enjoy them for months.

Not only do they add color and life to any garden, but they also have many practical applications in the kitchen. Kids will love watching these plants grow and using them in their cooking creations!

Summary: Why Grow Nasturtiums?

Nasturtiums are a great addition to any garden. They’re easy to grow and have many different uses. Nasturtiums can be eaten fresh or used in salads, soups, and sauces. They can also be dried and used as a seasoning.

Additionally, they attract beneficial bugs to your garden and can be used for companion planting. They are used as microgreens and the full plant is edible: Flower, stem, leaves, and all.

Why not give them a try in your garden this year? They’re one of the first flowers I plant seeds for and I love the way they brighten things up.



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